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I started training with Felyce over 14 years ago.  At the time I was over weight, full of osteoarthritis in my hands and knees and not sure how if I could workout.  Not only did Felyce modify the exercises so I could successfully do them and properly, she has seen me through a hysterectomy, total knee replacement and breast cancer. When I was having my radiation treatments and so tired and really didn’t want to do much, Felyce would come and walk with me in my neighbourhood just to keep me moving!  I’m now 62 years old and train 5 days a week, 3 days are water aerobics, 2 days are weight and strength training, each for one hour long.  Truthfullly, if Felyce didn’t come and push me to do my very best each workout, I know that I would never do it on my own.                               She is a true benefit to me and keeping me healthy and strong.

 “Felyce has been my trainer (as well as my wife’s) for the past several years. During that time, she has deservedly earned the nickname “killer” for her focused and intensive approach to getting me, and keeping me, in shape.  She always has a positive attitude and makes it her goal to ensure that the training sessions are fun, motivating and above all, not repetitive.  I have no hesitation in unequivocally recommending Felyce as a personal trainer and would be delighted to discuss with any potential client my experience with her as a trainer”


 “You changed my out look on fitness and nutrition and our last 5 years were fun and informative.  After every session I feel invigorated and full of energy. I am in better shape and my weight is down.  Looking forward to the next 5 years.”


 After my car accident, the obstacles to recovery included rehabilitation and well-intentioned fitness programs which just did not work for me.  Felyce's back-to-basics approach incorporated the needs of someone who had been injured.  I began a new journey towards strength and health and have never looked back.

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